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bulletError Type - Nothing happens when clicking on the ISee icon on the desktop.
bulletError Type - RatioTool does not start when clicking on the RatioTool icon on the desktop.






Nothing happens when clicking on the ISee icon on the desktop

    1.    Open a shell window and type in "isee". Please note the error message displayed on the terminal screen

                    Error message: bash: isee: command not found

                    Solution: Check your environment variables and path setting.

                                1.    Type in printenv ICHOME

                                2.    If you do not get an output message, your environment variables are not set.

                                3.    For Linux based systems:

                                            Add the following line in your .bashrc file:


                                4.    For SGI based systems;

                                            Add the following line in your .cshrc file:

                                                   source /usr/dspos/icenv

                                5.    If you get an output, such as /var/inovis. Check for the path variable by:

                                            a.    Type in printenv PATH

                                            b.    Check to see if /var/inovis/bin is included in the output.

                    Error message: "unable to open password file....."

                    Solution: Check the ISee .passwd file in /var/inovis/icdev directory.

                                1.    If it exists, check the read permission. This file should have world read permission.

                                2.    If the .passwd file does not exist:

                                            a.    From the terminal screen, type in initall-hostid and write down the output string of characters

                                            b.    Email ISee Imaging,, with the output string of characters.







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